Upcoming ICN local chapter meetings & more:

Special note:  Our web traffic is WAY UP since last year.  Thanks to everyone who have contributed to this success!

Friday July 29 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM

   ICN-Grant Monthly Meeting


1) Sandra Belzer from Yakima will talk about:

        * Steve Mclaughlin's campaign for WA State Public Lands Commissioner

        * The Center for Self Governance (CSG) training program

2) Ken Morse, ICN-State Chairman, will be presenting the first in a series of ICN training modules. 

        Module #1:  Ken will be giving a introductory presentation on Agenda 21.  Many are still unaware

        of this destructive movement and why it is pertinent to us at the local political level.  Agenda 21 is

        entirely stoppable at the local level if we work together.  The answer is simple.


        His presentation will include some short video clips outlining the origin, strategypurpose

        of A-21.  It is all about international control of all property (the socialist agenda).

​        You may already know about A-21 but you probably don't know what it was called BEFORE it

        became A-21, or where it was "invented"  The answer will shock but probably not surprised you!

(Report) Thursday July 14

    Lower Valley Assembly at 22202 N. Hinzerling Rd, Prosser 99350

​Our sincere thanks to RJ Blahut and the Lower Valley Assembly for the opportunity for Ken to address the LVA regarding property rights issues in Thurston County.  The talk was well received.  LVA is a great organization if you are in the Prosser / Tri Cities area we recommend you consider joining. https://lowervalleyassembly.us

(Report) Saturday July 16 from 6:30 - 8:30 PM                  Ken (360) 742-6054 (cell)

    ICN-Pierce Chapter Monthly Meeting      

         Eatonville Library (Rm 1)     205 Center St. West      Eatonville, WA 98328

We heard from Glen Morgan of CAPR on techniques of how to uncover and fight corruption in government.  Being way out in Eatonville the group was smaller than usual but we had lively discussions.

Supporting Government of the People, by the People, and for the People 

Informed Citizen Network

6 hours

8 great speakers!

Since Tax day 2009 olympia tea party (now informed citizen network) we have been working together to restore constitutional governance and protect our children's future.  

Our 2015 Annual Fall Conference on Saturday October 17th in Tacoma, WA was a Great Success! We had a full house. Thanks to all who attended and to our Outstanding Speakers!

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  • Annual Fall Conference for Training & Networking
  • Lobbying Olympia on your behalf
  • Training and Equipping for County ICN chapters
  • Networking Across the State for our Children