Donations are voluntary and are not tax deductible.   Thanks for your support!    We are a not-for-profit WA Corporation and 100% Volunteer.

<< $35.00 Suggested Annual Membership Donation

Join us at the Spirit of America Rally 

Saturday March 4th.  Noon.

at Heritage Park, Olympia WA

Supporting Government of the People, by the People, and for the People 

Informed Citizen Network

Informed Citizen Network is an Affiliate of Western Liberty Network.

This is not about R or D, it is about USA.  Rallys are scheduled nation-wide for March 4th at noon.  Visit

​To sign up​

Come and show your support for our Democratic Constitutional Republic.

​Informed Citizen Network will have a table so we need local volunteers to man the booth and help with event tasks.  

  • We will have expenses so your donations are welcome.
  • Need 8 to 10 "event hosts" (volunteers).
  • Need a vendor tent (we have chairs & tables already).

Olympia Liaison with event organizer is:  Ken Morse (360) 742-6054  Facebook: Informed Citizen Network WA

Western Washington Event Organizer:  Peggy Hutt

Connect with Peggy on Facebook at:

More information will be posted as things develop.

<< $5.00 Donation

  • Annual Fall Conference for Training & Networking
  • Lobbying Olympia and State-wide Networking
  • Training and Equipping local ICN chapters

Since Tax day 2009 olympia tea party (now informed citizen network) we have been working together to restore constitutional governance and protect our children's future.