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Richard Burke is the Executive Director of Western Liberty Network, a non-profit political training organization.

  • Richard has spoken at several Olympia TEA Party / Informed Citizen Network events.  He comes with a wealth of information and experience to help you win elections at the Grassroots level.
  • For more info on WLN visit

Informed Citizen Network is an Affiliate of Western Liberty Network.

The "Tea Party" movement advocates for Constitutional Rights and governance for all citizens with freedom of speech and constructive citizen involvement with our government and our neighbors.  

Supporting Government of the People, by the People, and for the People 

Informed Citizen Network

Donations are voluntary and are NOT tax deductible.   Thanks for your support!    We are a not-for-profit WA Corporation and 100% Volunteer.

Mail donations to Olympia Tea Party PO Box 1771 Olympia, WA 98507  Thank you!

Western Liberty Network Annual Conference Report  

Since Tax day 2009 olympia tea party (now informed citizen network) we have been working together to restore constitutional governance and protect our children's future.