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Informed Citizen Network

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​​I-1552 Presentation.  "Just Want Privacy" Initiative.

Monday, May 22nd.  7:00 PM

Calvary Chapel

919 Division St NW

Olympia, WA 98502

Meeting Organizer is Sara Marks Just Want Privacy Campaign Co-Coordinator for Thurston Co.

Thurston Grassroots Leadership Roundtable

Every 3rd Tuesday of the month  6:30 social, discussion following

All Patriots are welcome.  Contact Ken at 360-923-1080

Note:  several of us are diving deep into the gopher issue doing research and uncovering all sorts of "interesting" stuff.  There is plenty to do and if you want to help please speak up.  Your ability to use your property is being eroded every day.  If we don't fight back I can guarantee an ever diminishing future for you and your children's property rights.

​Also - thanks to all who contributed recently to Informed Citizen Network.  Our goal is to raise $1,000 to go on the air with radio ads.  Email blasts are not as effective as they used to be and our previous experience with radio clearly indicates this is the way to go.  Whether you give $10 or $100 every dollar gets us closer to seriously increasing our (and your) effectiveness.

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Since Tax day 2009 olympia tea party (now informed citizen network) we have been working together to restore constitutional governance and protect our children's future.  

Informed Citizen Network is an Affiliate of Western Liberty Network.

  • Annual Fall Conference for Training & Networking
  • Lobbying Olympia and State-wide Networking
  • Training and Equipping local ICN chapters

Donations are voluntary and are NOT tax deductible.   Thanks for your support!    We are a not-for-profit WA Corporation and 100% Volunteer.

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