America's Best History is About to be Written - BY YOU!

Our finest days are ahead.  Ours is the legacy of freedom and opportunity and with more and more Americans waking up to answer the call to Resist, Restore & Rebuild.


At both State and Local levels we face many threats to our basic Constitutional and Civil Rights.  We fight back with protests to draw public attention and and by networking with our fellow citizens who share our concerns.  We show up at County Commissioner and other public meetings to voice our support or concerns and to expose corruption.  We send emails and make phone calls.  We organize and put our plans into action.  By organizing and communicating across the State we have the demonstrated ability to blunt the efforts of State agencies to push their radical agendas.  To increase our effectiveness we are officially building a network of cohesive citizen activists to meet the challenge to our basic freedoms. 


We encourage every citizen to be informed and involved in electing better politicians.  Olympia Tea Party (OTP) has joined as an affiliate the Western Liberty Network (WLN) to facilitate training for you, the citizen activist and you the elected officials.  Help us help your local group.  Whether your group chooses to become an affiliate of OTP or if you want to start your own OTP chapter in your area we are committed to helping you and your group succeed in our commonly held goals.  We take to heart what was said by Benjamin Franklin (paraphrased) "we will all hang together, or they will hang us at a time"   Only together can we Restore what we have lost by encroaching regulations, ignorance and downright corruption in our political processes.


​​​​The Rebuilding phase is as important as the "Resist & Restore" phases.  Many citizen movements have fallen short in by thinking that "once our person is in office, our job is done".  Because of corrupting influences in politics and the temptations to give in to big money pressures we must keep involved and support good Commissioners, Mayors & State Representatives.  We can do this best as a group.  A few of us will monitor our elected officials progress and when necessary more of us will show up to testify for or against legislation accordingly.  Working as a group across the state we can share ideas, keep tabs on issues, foster good training and information, etc. in the most efficient manor.  This way we don't suffer the "burn-out" typical of uncoordinated effort.  Together we can have maximal impact for all our combined efforts.

Under Construction, thank you for your patience.

Our Issues

  1. Property Rights (the roll back and defeat of Agenda-21)
  2. Our Constitutional Rights - Especially or 1st & 2nd Amendment Rights
  3. Our Children's Future - Especially the defeat of Common Core
  4. Support our Armed Forces & First Responders
  5. Anti-Corruption efforts in both Politics & the Bureaucracy

Our Motto

1) Resist

2) Restore

3) Rebuild